[Olivier Crepin-Leblond]

Bachelor of Engineering (B.Eng.) in Electrical & Electronic Engineering (Computer Systems and Electronics Option)
Department of Electrical and Electronic Engineering, King's College London, UK.
Graduation Year Date: 1990

Courses Credited :

  • Applicable Mathematics
  • Microprogrammable Hardware
  • Systems Analysis
  • Structured Programming
  • Computer Systems and Software Design
  • Engineering Physics
  • Engineering in Practice
  • Introduction to Logic Design
  • Electronic Circuit Design
  • Engineering Management
  • Microprocessors
  • Digital and Analog Circuit Design
  • Control Systems
  • Signal Processing and Modulation
  • Information Engineering
  • Advanced Logic Design and Microprocessors
  • Introduction to Computer Networks
  • Principles of Electrical Engineering

Software Project: Advanced Threaded Database including GUI runnning on VT100 terminal.
Programming Language: Pascal
Operating System: BSD Unix (on Orion Mainframe)

Final Year Project: Design & Build a Packet Radio Terminal Node Controller (TNC)
Processor Code: Motorola 6809 / 6522 VIA / 2Mhz
Protocol: AX.25
Write Assembly Software (in Hex - oh that was fun) & Build Hardware from scratch using CMOS & TTL simple gate ICs & VMEBus Board (lots of wires and chips looking ever so impressive) doing hardware bit-stuffing, preamble/flag detection etc.

In this course, I also designed a PDP11 computer using CAD, out of Bit-Slice Chip Technology, a process that introduces a simplified architecture but also complexities in managing the bit-slice chips to behave like one of the numerous stacks of the PDP11. It all worked on simulation - but lack of finance and time prevented building the beast...