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Worldwide Connectivity

Through our collaboration with providers worldwide, we can connect you or your company to the Internet at the lowest cost/performance ratio. We are not attached to a single network provider and can provide independent advice about connectivity issues in any region of the world.

Through the long-standing project, the International E-mail accessibility maps, hosted by the Network Startup Resource Center, we have maintained a circle of contacts in more than 150 countries worldwide. If there is no provider close to your target location, we can draw on the experience of our partners companies to provide you with connectivity. This is possible anywhere in the world.

If you have a connectivity need and if nobody else can do it, maybe you can call the GIH team.

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Corporate Internet policy implementation

That's it: You've decided that your company should "go on the net". The trouble is that you do not know where to start. Do you require a Web site? Do you need leased lines? Who, in the company, should have access to the Net? Who should be barred from using it? Do you need a proxy Web server? What about a security? Firewalls?

Much too often, consultancies and Service providers will be more interested in selling you services which may be unsuitable for your needs, at highly inflated prices. More often than not, things do go wrong: employee productivity decreases as everybody "surfs the net" instead of doing their job; technologies are implemented on every desktop, only to be counted as obsolete a year later; the company's integrity is endangered because of security holes.

Has your company got a corporate Internet policy which describes every aspect Internet use and development?

If not, then get in touch with

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Quick and efficient access to information within a company is paramount to today's fast-moving business. What technology should be used? How scaleable is the resulting internal network? The life of your company depends on choosing the right technology and implementation to cater for today's and tomorrow's internal information needs. Whether you want to interface your internal Network to the outside world's Internet, or whether you want to implement a closed system, we can custom design it, and build it to your requirements.

Contact for more details.

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Part-time and full-time personnel procurement

It's always great to get connected to the Internet, have a corporate Web site and intra-net.

But who will maintain the Web site? Who will monitor the systems? Who will maintain the intra-net? Who will be the systems administrator?

Through our collaboration with Qualserv Consulting, one of London's leading IT recuitment companies, we can recommend part-time and full-time operations staff for your needs. Get in touch with

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Web site Design

There are thousands of Web design companies out there. Which one of suitable for your needs?

We have worked with a lot of Web designers, and found that the good, the bad, the expensive and the ugly are all out there.
The design of a World Wide Web site is a process that goes much deeper than just designing "flashy pages" with pretty graphics.
Information needs to be structured !

So why is our site not more impressive ? Well, our aim is to carry information. If you are reading this, our goal is achieved.

WebWay is our Web designing venture with Qualserv Consulting. We are confident to be able to provide very competitive pricing on work including:

  • JAVA
  • JavaScript
  • Flash
  • and other multi-media applications.

Get in touch with us at

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Network Security

  • Is your company's network secure?
  • Do you need a firewall?
  • Have you had any recent unauthorised break-ins?
  • What about computer viruses?

Our staff comprises some of the world's most experienced and exclusive security consultants.

Are they well known ? No, security consultants that are known are obviously not good enough.

If it's insecure, our guys will find out in less than an hour.

Get in touch with

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Trend Monitoring

Information Technology evolves at an amazing pace. Observation of past trends enables the forecasting of future trends. GIH has lived the trends which shape today's IT, from the birth of the Internet, to the Network Computer (NC), the international spread of the Net, and the creation of new Internet addresses.

If you need to compile a report on the future trends of the IT industry as a whole, we can help with our extensive experience because we were there, when others were not even in business. Drop us a line at

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Publications and Talks

Our Managing Director has numerous publications about the Internet to his name. If you require an article to be written about the Internet, Internet connectivity, or even a talk about the Internet to be presented, get in touch with him.

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Vulcan Enterprises Hardware Sales

Through Vulcan Enterprises, our trading name for Hardware sales, we can supply any networking-related hardware throughout the UK at very short notice by having trade accounts with most main reseller-only distributors in the UK. We also import networking-related equipment from the US.

We know that time is of the essence and will do our best to be the fastest to deliver.

We are an official CISCO products reseller. Ask us for a quote, and you will be pleasantly surprised!

CISCO Systems Reseller Logo

Our clients include BT and National Westminster Bank. Get in touch at

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Special Projects

The above listing provides a rough idea of what we can do.

We are always ready to accept a new challenge, anywhere in the World.

Special projects include implementation of low-cost and reliable systems in countries with a less developed infrastructure, liaising with governmental organisations to re-map the global flux of Internet traffic, and long-term projects to re-define the use of the global Internet, projects which involve the current major players in the worldwide Internet connectivity.

Tell us what you'd like at

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