[Olivier Crepin-Leblond]


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Languages    Bilingual English/French     German Working Knowledge

 2006 – 2007    3rd University Degree
SKEMA Business School (ESC Lille & CERAM). (Equis Accredited)
Specialised Masters (MS) in Competitive Intelligence & Knowledge Management
Project Thesis : Will there be a « Peak Oil » ?

Internship : 6 months at Airbus SAS Customer Services working on 10 year Strategic Development & 20 year Technological Impacts on activity

Thesis: Analytical Process in a Large International Group (confidential) / 150 pages / written in French.

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 2003 – 2006   Professional Experience
Blitz Solutions Ltd, London, UK.    Owner
Construction & Refurbishments. Commercial and Residential Property
Specialisation in complex & v. fast project delivery
Company transfered as sub-prime mortgage crisis loomed over the horizon.

  1. Heading a team of 20 people
  2. Work with client & architects
  3. Main contractor in 80% of projects
  4. Use of sub-contractors for more complex projects


 2000 – 2001   Project
1Quiz.Com Inc.  NY, USA.   Founder
Joint Venture with Podhopper Inc. To produce Quengine LLC.
+ Venture Capital; US Patents pending
+ worldwide through Patent Cooperation Treaty (PCT).

  1. Negotiation & legal aspects of JVs in USA
  2. Patent drafting and filing
  3. Extension of patents through the world.
  4. Setting up of a « Delaware Corporation ».

 1998 - 2000    Professional Experience
Mobile Emporium Ltd, London, UK.
Founder of the Company
Commercialisation of Mobile Telephones and Accessories.

  1. Entry in a hypercompetitive environment.
  2. International Import/Export. Letter of Credit.
  3. Trader following spot Phone rates on Nokia Products.
  4. Financial Responsibilities

1995 -             Professional Experience             
Global Information Highway Ltd, London, UK.
Company CEO / Telecom & Internet consultants.
Specialisation with telco equipment CISCO & NOKIA
Consultant Télécom

  1. Client: British Telecom.
  2. Technical installation routers, firewalls and highspeed hubs sub-contracting at Natwest Bank, Barclays, Capita, ClientLogic (GB, FR, NL, DE, ES, US) for secure networks.
  3. Export of equipment to Africa.

1994 – 1995 Professional Experience
French Embassy, London, UK.
French National Service at the Embassy’s Scientific Section.


  1. Market Research
  2. Written reports for the Foreign Relations Ministry
  3. Promoting collaboration between English and French University Scientific Research

1992 – 1996
Imperial College Student TV. London, UK.
Design and Construction
of a new high-tech studio. 
Presenter and moderator of several TV programmes.

  1. Simultaneous exercise Technical (proTV electronics)
  2. Managerial (Producer/Director)
  3. Artistic (Director/Writer).

1990 - 1997    2nd University Degree
Imperial College of Science, Technology and Medicine, London, UK.         
PhD Doctorate.
Reduction of Delay in Asynchronous Transfer Mode Networks.
Stochastic Theory Mathematics.

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Summer 1989 Professional Experience
TEFAL UK Limited, Slough, UK.
Competitive Intelligence in the Marketing Department.

  1. Marketing Analysis.
  2. Notions of Knowledge Management within a corporation affiliated to SEB Group 
  3. Written reports detailing the relationshipbetween headquarters and affiliates

1987 - 1990     1st University Degree
King's College (KQC), London, UK.
Bachelor of Engineering (B.Eng)
Major: Computer Systems & Electronics
Graduated with Upper 2nd Class Honours.

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Printed Publications about the Internet

1996 “Internet” by Gerald Bandzauner, Ueberreuter (in German).
Section relating to international connectivity
1995 a. EMMS newsletter, June 1995.
      Worldwide connectivity List
b. “Internet Secrets” by John Levine & Carol Baroudi, IDG Books,   
      Entire Chapter entitled “Setting-up a European Internet Provider”
c. “Internet Success with Fred” by Dr. Fred Klopfer and Susan Klopfer, Vanatech Press, 1995
      Country Codes reference
Your Internet Consultant - the FAQs of life Online” by Kevin Savetz, Prentice Hall/Sams publishing.
Internet Connectivity list


Publications Online

2008 - Blog: Gnothi Seauton - Know Thyself
2 Internet Draft documents commenting on creation of new Top Level Domains (TLDs), as part of the Internet Ad-Hoc Committee (IAHC) discussions staged by the Internet Society (ISOC) and Internet Assigned Numbers Authority (IANA), now re-named Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers (ICANN). One draft is here, and the other is here and to this day, both are still as pertinent today as they ever where.
Big Dummies Guide to the Internet”, Electronic Frontier Foundation (EFF). Top Level Domains and connectivity list
1993 -
Maintainer of the alt.sources FAQ Document "Welcome to alt.sources!" - a Best Practice document for the alt.sources USENET Newsgroup pioneering the free spread of Open Source Software
1993 - 2002
Maintainer of the international E-mail accessibility connectivity list and world maps.
This list, based on the International Organisation for Standardisation ISO_3166 standard, was translated at the time to dozens of languages, including Chinese.
1993 -
Author of 100+ contributrions to the development of the Internet in the world in various moderated documents used locally in US universities, schools, etc.
1991 - 2000
One of the 15 primary contributors to International Anti-Virus reference document on the Internet. Distributed monthly. Ongoing process lasting 9 years.


Other Noteworthy Information

2009 –

Internet Governance Forum (IGF) as an Internet Society Ambassador

Sharm el Sheikh (November 2009). Host and Moderator for the "Children in the Age of Mobile Access: The promises of Internet co-examined with the increasing challenges to Child Safety" session.

Vilnius, Lithuania (October 2010): lobbied for a User-centric Internet and for IPv6 deployment.

Remote participation moderator for several sessions:

  • International Trade and Internet Governance (workshop) - Transcript - Report (forthcoming)
  • City-TLD Governance and Best Practices (workshop) - Transcript - Report
  • Internet Governance for Development (IG4D) (plenary session) - Transcript - Report (forthcoming)

(A video archive of all of the above sessions can be accessed from the Internet Governance Forum WebCast Archive)

2008  – Internet Engineering Task Force (IETF) participant at IETF Dublin (August 2008).
2008  –

Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers (ICANN): Active participant at ICANN Paris (June 2008), ICANN Cairo (November 2008), ICANN Mexico (February 2009) promoting IPv6 adoption. In Mexico: Session co-Chair for IPv6 at ICANN At-Large Summit + Panel member for IPv6 workshop (general sessions). Elected to the Board of the European At-Large Organisation (EURALO), specifically as special adviser for IPv6 migration. Editor of FAQ document on IPv6 from a user's perspective, aimed at both the ICANN At-Large Summit participants but also ISOC Chapter members.
Elected to Board of EURALO (European At-Large Organisation)
In Nairobi (March 2010): panellist on “New gTLD Update and EOI Panel Discussion” conference opening session, on behalf of At Large.
In Brussels (June 2010): elected Secretary of ICANN’s European At Large Organisation - EURALO.
Other noteworthy involvement: Nominating Committee (2009-2010), searching for and choosing the next ICANN leaders; Special Trademark Issues Review Team (STI-RT), a cross-constituency multi-stakeholder working group to produce solutions over trademark deadlocks (Sep-Dec 2009). ICANN Rec6 Working Group on "Morality and Public Order" (MAPO) recommendation. Chair of many meetings both online (teleconferencing) and in the real world.

2000  –
Internet Society (ISOC) English Chapter: Organiser of the Launch of the English Chapter of the Internet Society (ISOC) taking place at the e-Business conference, Oxford University (30-31 March 2000). Newsletter Editor and ICANN working group Lead. Also (2003-) Membership Director and (2008-) IPv6 deployment/promotion Lead. (September 2010) Co-organiser of ISOC’s INET event in London. (September 2010) In charge of London-based IPv6 Matrix Project (co-sponsored by my company Global Information Highway Ltd)
1999  –
"Marquis' Who's Who in the World" Biography selected by Reed-Elsevier thanks to extensive contributions to the Internet as a whole.
PC Magazine Newsletter, Middle & Near East, March 1996
Featured in article about the spread and development of Internet in Arabic countries.
Provided much of the data required to draw a snapshot of the current developments of Internet in the Middle East.
EMMS Newsletter, June 1995
Featured in article about worldwide connectivity. A snapshot of the situation was drawn by Eric Arnum (Editor) who analysed the archives generated over the last 2 years.
1993  –
Network Startup Resource Center (NSRC), University of Oregon, USA: Afiliate and through this, advisor to African and Middle Eastern countries on Internet networking: policy/governance matters, technical consultancy and evaluation of the requirements for implementation of Internet in that part of the world. Pro-bono Advice to NGOs. Advice to UN/NSF projects.
Department of Trade and Industry (DTI): consulted for closed working group for UK IT Security Evaluation & Certification Scheme (ITSEC) to establish a scheme for evaluation of anti-virus products for the benefit of the consumer. Written reports.